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Pecs (Gay Night Club)

Address: 2046 University Ave , San Diego, CA , 92104 USA
Phone: (619) 497-1791
Website: www.pecsbar.com
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Bear bar - neighborhood bar

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Review posted by darrell92103co: 2009-07-16

It,s a fun place to hang out on Sundays for their hamburgers,but don’t leave the mayo sitting out in the heat,people could get sick from it

Review posted by roleplayer: 2008-08-10

I live next door and they take up all the parking

Review posted by topaz017: 2008-04-22

OK bar, not too cowboy or leather but not twink

Review posted by tat2dcwby: 2008-03-23

fun bar mostly bears

Review posted by mascsdman: 2008-01-22

Get rid of the jukebox full of ghetto music, it is driving away alot of guys that hate that kind of music. I for one have not gone in there much anymore, and most of my friends don't either, because we can't stand it anymore. Ray

Review posted by univheights75: 2007-09-17

Great, comfortable, affordable and masculine. The bar tenders are always friendly!

Review posted by sdtopcwby: 2007-09-07

Great friendly folks here.

Review posted by nicksgarage: 2007-08-17

Usually friendly. In summer can swelter in the inside part of the bar and the patio is filled with smokers so no relief there.

Review posted by jhdeleon: 2007-08-16

It's a good crowd - It's not a CW bar by any stretch of the imagination. The men and the few women that patronize Pecs change the dynmics of the bar at any given day of the week or evening.

Review posted by 1butch1: 2007-08-06

Variable, some days great friendly guys, some days posers with attitude. Bartenders could learn to smile once in a while.

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